GLOSMO short summary

The socio-political blueprint of the Global Social Modernity GLOSMO contains a proposal concerning how we can overcome the present value system based primarily on individual economic and social prestige, and the competitive global social and economic structure founded upon it. GLOSMO describes a social model to be implemented on a planetary and therefore global social scale which reverses the aberrations of our development, in which famine, poverty and misery are overcome, in which war, exclusion and discrimination no longer exist, and in which all human beings are ensured a high standard of living, while simultaneously safeguarding the ecological sustainability of our planet. It is not a matter of a utopian conception, but rather of an existentially necessary outcome of a possible process of social maturation. It does not involve a stereotypical political appeal either, for it rejects all forms of ideological narrow-mindedness. Nevertheless, this social blueprint is presented as a basis for debate so that it can develop into a (political) program which offers pragmatic proposals for a gradual social transition as a response to the challenge to undertake a fundamental global social reform of human action and of the corresponding view of the world.

The Global Social Modernity GLOSMO analyses the fundamental elements of our global society – the value system based on an economic model defined by individualistic competition and growth, the respectively formed social prestige, and the resulting social and economic behaviour and its consequences for human cohabitation and the planet. Based on a major reorientation of educational contents and early conditioning, GLOSMO postulates, accompanied by fundamentally renewed economic and social systems – in particular gradual formation of the global social commons and demonetarisation – amongst other the creation of a high universal standard of living for all human beings contributing to finally overcoming poverty, war and self-destruction of the planet.