What are the objectives ?

The movement GLOSMO The system change has three joined objectives:

  1. The provision of objective information on the key areas of our social reality and in particular of the fundamental problems and anomalies of our development – to promote an emancipatory and enlightened consciousness.
  2. The jointly continuous further development of a concrete socio-political revolutionary programme whose gradual implementation can support a necessary system change worldwide.
  3. The development of GLOSMO into an important socio-political actor, with the aim to win the trust of the society, and to gradually implement the system change worldwide, jointly with other many partners of an emancipatory worldview.

The overall objective:

A modern, forward-looking society,

  • which has overcome starvation and poverty,
  • exclusion, envy, hatred and violence,
  • for which wars have become history
  • and which husbands natural resources sustainably;
  • a society whose peoples are committed to the welfare of all strata of global society,
  • which promotes personal solidarity and collective progress,
  • while simultaneously ensuring individually determinable scope for development and realisation within the framework of a corresponding system of values.