The way forward to a profound social revolution of humankind

What to do now, what we need next, how to support, how to join…

 The System Change – Global Social Modernity GLOSMO


The initial aim is to promote the thematic, conceptual and strategic elements of the Global Social Modernity (GLOSMO) in society and thereby to achieve public presence, thus to attain a certain relevance. 

—Specifically, it comes to reach many people around the world, draw their attention to GLOSMO so that they become familiar with its content, to convince them of the value and necessity of the required social changes.

—In addition, the people who are in favor of profound social changes of our world are to be given the opportunity to participate themselves concretely in the process of development and promotion of a global social modernity (GLOSMO).

—Building on the above two points, it is important in the medium term to create solid structures of a (possibly international) social movement – to become tangible and grasp a presence as a public entity and thereby gaining influence in the public debate and social development.

How can this be achieved – Whom and what needs the System Change?

In particular, many people, young and still young, expert or not, experienced or new, who want to become inspired and make contributions to the system change. Since the movement is still in its beginning, it also has no financial resources yet – here we can initially only commit ourselves as volunteers and unpaid. However, it is expected that in the medium term resources in form of donations and public subventions can become possible, but also this will depend on the efforts of all of us who want to engage and drive the movement.

For elaboration of thematic content and technical support to the system change and for building the movement, we especially need people who have a good knowledge in the following areas:

1. Task area – Research on and elaboration of specific sociopolitical topics

2. Task area – Multimedia – graphics and animation, interviews, audios, videos, TV

3. Task area – Website and Social Media (optimization of Facebook and Twitter pages)

4. Task area – Advertising and promotion materials

5. Task area – Word processing and publications

6. Task area – Translation into other languages

7. Task area – Legal advice

1. Task area: Research on and elaboration of specific sociopolitical topics

-Research on and elaboration of articles / statements on specific social and political issues, especially with respect to the current reality (particularly for use on website and in social media).

-Research in the internet for „matching“ contributions and videos by third parties, which have similar positions as GLOSMO or that GLOSMO as a movement can recommend and link with (in particular for use on website and in social media).

2. Task area: Multimedia – graphics and animation, interviews, audios, videos, TV 

-Creation of graphics and Power Point presentations for text content

-Support and visualization of text content through pictures, cartoons and animation

-Production of information and explanatory videos, and animation for GLOSMO contents

-Production of audio + video interviews, for linking with social media, website, and YouTube

3. Task area: Website and Social Media (optimization of Facebook and Twitter pages)

-Further development and optimizing of traceability of the system change website

-Design and optimization of GLOSMO Facebook and Twitter pages

-Promotion and advertisement for the movement and increasing the number of Likes

-Acquisition of donations through social media

4. Task area: Advertising and promotion materials

-Substantially increasing the public knowledge about GLOSMO

-Creation and distribution of promotion materials such as logos, flyers, ad-cards, posters, stickers, caps, T-shirts etc.

-General acquisition of donations

5. Task area: Word processing and publications

-Word processing with WORD and PDF, and generation of automatic tables of content

-Editing, formatting and publishing of GLOSMO books and texts

6. Task area: Translation into other languages (esp. English, Spanish, Arabic, among others)

-Texts with sociopolitical content must frequently be translated faithfully (1 to 1) by experienced translators, possibly native speakers, namely those who are familiar with social and economic topics.

-Shorter and text paragraphs, such as for Facebook or website communications, must also be translated frequently.

7. Task area: Legal advice

Who wants to participate actively?

All this can only be dealt with in a collective effort – only through the support and collaboration of interested and committed persons and volunteers. As mentioned above, for the moment GLOSMO depends on people who are willing to engage their skills free of charge for the movement. Accordingly, there are two potential support groups:

-People who based on persuasion want to engage voluntarily.

-Persons who during their studies or for reasons of work experience are interested in an internship – for this, GLOSMO issues international certificates.



  1. Carrying out GLOSMO seminars or workshop

(1) GLOSMO – Concept and content: The thematic, conceptual, and strategic elements of the Global Social Modernity are taught, discussed and developed further.

(2) GLOSMO – Programme and Strategy: Here, ways and means are discussed and elaborated to optimize GLOSMO programmatically and strategically, particularly with regard to public relations. Important hereby are also the working out of problem areas, mainly of practical nature (strategy implementation), and to concretize and implement possible solutions. In addition, it will also be about winning supporters who want to engage in the building of the movement (see below).

  1. Creation of the first structures of a social movement

Hereby it is important expanding the circle of collaborators to distribute the work across many shoulders and to broaden the base. In particular, the following areas should initially be defined and managed by different people in a collective manner:

Action Group I:       Elaboration of, comment on, and represent political and social thematic content

Action Group II:      Layout, animation, audio and video

Action Group III:    Website design and technical optimization in social media

Action Group IV:    Promotion/advertising and sponsorship/funding

Action Group V:     Strategy, Organization and Management