1F215 Renewed understanding of personal and private property

Renewed understanding of personal and private property:

Overcoming individual and collective envy and providing the basic values assigned to the commons (universal standard of living) which do not have an equivalent (in the monetary sense) necessarily presupposes redefining individual private ownership, and ultimately a natural (thus not law-based), but system-evident, limitation of private property (in the traditional capitalist sense).

Here individual private ownership excludes all social spheres which are defined and anchored in the commons. Personal living space understood as land, however, can constitute private property (in the sense of privileged individual use) provided that the corresponding amount of land does not exceed the maximum required by a family (in accordance with spatial units to be defined, if necessary also with acreage reserved for household food security). In the case of land for agricultural use, estates of arbitrary size may be cultivated, though they may not be transformed into (traditional) private property. In order to be able to guarantee every human being anywhere in the world a high standard of living (universal standard of living), it is evident that the accumulation of land by individuals (for example the acquisition of urban housing areas and of potential arable land) beyond a minimum amount per family cannot be possible without social oversight and control.

Basic foodstuffs which the society provides the individual as part of the commons in the context of the universal standard of living are property (of disposal) of the individual for his or her exclusive use, as is personal clothing, to which everyone has a claim, and goods for cultural and recreational activities.

In essence, the commons to be established and the services belonging to the universal standard of living can be regarded as individual private property in the sense that no individual or authority can challenge or deny the right of the individual to these guaranteed goods and services, since they are assured by society as a fundamental basic right…