1F2572 Gradual establishment of a universal standard of living for all human beings

Gradual establishment of a universal standard of living for all human beings:

The completion of the demonetarisation of all social and economic sectors assigned to the commons is the precondition for providing all human beings with a universal standard of living. In this process the (initially national, later regional) Social Administrative Council and its Expert Commissions with responsibility for the individual social and economic sectors have the central task of creating or suitably reforming the corresponding institutional conditions (for example the education and vocational training system, the public health system, public transportation, the judiciary, police and the military), guaranteeing the supply of goods and services (estimating demand, production and distribution processes, monitoring of use and consumption), and in general of ensuring continuous social progress in accordance with the definition of values of a Globally Renewed Society – basic values and socioethical foundation.      

As above, it is important to emphasise that this stage in the gradual establishment of the universal standard of living (once the commons has been uncoupled from monetarism) can scarcely be achieved at the national level (individual states) alone. Instead it can be successfully undertaken only after the establishment of a Planetary Administrative Council at the international (planetary) level, the dismantling of nation-states (borders) and their replacement by regional/local administrative zones, and the introduction of the social commons in all administrative zones (initially in former separate states) as a precondition for establishing a universal standard of living.