Education and World View – Foundation of the Renewed Global System of Values

Education and World View – Foundation of the Renewed Global System of Values:

 Permanently overcoming a social system geared to competition, envy and notions of social prestige founded on material values is possible in the long run only insofar as human beings are enduringly shaped already in their basic education (childhood years) by globally renewed values and a corresponding world view.[1]

Thus, the contents of education, both in the family and especially in school and higher-level educational institutions, must fundamentally be renewed as regards the underlying motivation of human action and the material vs. ideal definition of the commodities and services assigned to the commons. The meaning and purpose of human life, and thus of social coexistence, cannot consist in the quest for personal material enrichment and for an ultimately material, individual social prestige, but must be oriented to social, solidarity-fostering and in principle collective values.

Only this ideal intellectual reorientation of the reflecting human being – on the planetary level, which means after the necessary abolition of national borders – can also guarantee the functioning of a corresponding globally renewed economic and production system, and secures environmental sustainability and an enduring peace.  

[1] This is no different in our today globalized world: human beings and their forms of behaviour are fundamentally shaped by the respective socialization, and therefore by their education and the related values transmitted – today materialistically oriented individual competition is at the centre of value transmission.