A primarily materialistic and egocentric branded worldview

A primarily materialistic and egocentric branded worldview:

  • The economic growth as well as especially the maximization of earnings and profit are the most important parameters of orientation for all national and international economic processes and, due to the necessity to create money income, consequently also of human behaviour.
  • A competitive society, in which individuals and enterprises/groups compete to prevail against others, in order to realize or increase primarily financial and material gains, and thereby ultimately obtain also social distinction. Implicit equalization of economic success (money income/wealth) with social appreciation and acceptance.
  • With the exception of the sun light and the air we breathe and up to a certain degree love and affection, all domains and things in our lives have by today converted into monetarily valued, and thereby traded or tradable, commodities, and can become private property.
  • A high material standard of living for one self and ones own direct social environment (family/friends) – but not beyond – is regarded as the chief live objective.
  • The motivation of personal performance is primarily determined by the prospect (expectation) of (high) financial income and the therewith interrelated social prestige.
  • Accelerated alignment of economic power with political/social influence (inter alia mass media, transnational corporations).
  • Decisions of geostrategic and state policy importance, inclusive those related to the natural environment and military interventions, are primarily determined by economic interests.