The System Change
A programmatic social and political blueprint for a necessary, epoch-making Reorientation of human civilisation with the goal of achieving sustainable development at all levels of global society, a high universal standard of living and finally overcoming poverty, war and the self-destruction of the planet

WORLD SOCIAL FORUM – 13 to 17 March 2018 in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil

GLOSMO lead the event “FOR A GLOBAL SYSTEM CHANGE ! WE NEED TO JOIN FORCES !” on 15 March at 11:00 AM

The event introduced the movement GLOSMO – The System Change and its main work and objectives. Further, it explained the fundamental need to join forces among all players of the WSF and beyond for constructing a powerful international socio-political platform for creating a visible actor for vital radical social and economic change worldwide. für world social forum 2018

…History and social development of the human race are no self-runners but have, after completion of the transformation of the monkeys into humans, evolved consciously and deliberately. Therefore, it should in the future also be possible to refocus this very consciousness of our own species and to strengthen the will to provide human development with another, a peaceful orientation based on solidary and collective values…

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…The word “radical” is not a dirty word, refers neither to heedlessness, nor aggression, but simply means – according to official Oxford dictionaries – nothing else but: thorough, complete, entire, comprehensive, exhaustive, far-reaching, extensive, fundamental, basic, essential…